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Aims & Scope

The journal proceeds from the principle that teaching and learning are social practices that are informed by social values. As a result, we seek articles that articulate and explore the implications of the (often tacit) conceptual, social and philosophical underpinnings of teaching and learning in psychology. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Theory of pedagogy
  • Theory of teaching and learning
  • The meaning of teaching and learning in psychology and related social sciences
  • What constitutes “good teaching”
  • Ways to promote and evaluate good teaching
  • Putting theory into practice
  • Empirical studies on teaching and learning
  • Student assessment as pedagogy; learning as doing
  • Learning by participating in scholarly activity
  • Critiques of existing teaching practice
  • Linking teaching and scholarship
  • Teaching as learning as developmental processes
  • Resolving tensions between content and skills
  • Learning styles
  • Culture, gender and ethnicity in teaching and learning
  • Using technology as means and not an end
  • Addressing fragmentation and integration in the field
  • Articulating intra- and inter- disciplinary links
  • Apprenticeship and participant learning; etc.