Submissions from 2017

Institutional Isomorphism and Social Responsibility in Professional Sports, Soyoung Joo, Ben Larkin, and Nefertiti Walker

Managing Sports Brands in a Global Consumer Market: Country-of-Origin Fit in Cross-Border Strategic Brand Alliances, Jin-Kyun Lee, Taesoo Ahn, Wei-Na Lee, and Paul M. Pedersen

Submissions from 2016

Fantasy Sport, FoMO, and Traditional Fandom: How Second-Screen Use of Social Media Allows Fans to Accommodate Multiple Identities, Ben Larkin and Janet S. Fink

Exploring the Impact of Country-of-Origin Fit and Team Identification in Sports Brand Evaluation, Jin Kyun Lee, Taesoo Ahn, and Ki-Young Lee

Interview with Dave McGillivray, Race Director of the Boston Marathon, Sarah May and Taesoo Ahn

Submissions from 2015

An Examination of Fantasy Sport Participation Motives and Attendance Versus Substitution Intention, Ben Larkin

Constraints and Motivators as Predictors of Sport Media Consumption Intention, Ben Larkin, Janet S. Fink, and Galen T. Trail


Of Smart Phones & Facebook: Social Media’s Changing Legal Landscape and Tales of “Pinterest” for Sport Organizations, Ben Larkin and Stephen McKelvey

Effect of Trust and Risk on Purchase Intentions in Online Secondary Ticketing: Sport Consumers and Ticket Reselling, Young Ik Suh, Taesoo Ahn, Jin Kyun Lee, and Paul M. Pedersen

Submissions from 2014

Effects of Perceived Interactivity and Web Organization on User Attitudes, Taesoo Ahn, Moonki Hong, and Paul M. Pedersen

Interview with Michael R. Hall, Vice President of Digital Media, New England Sports Network (NESN), Taesoo Ahn and Christopher Mason

Understanding Purchasing Intentions in Secondary Sports Ticket Websites, Taesoo Ahn, Young Ik Suh, Jin Kyun Lee, and Paul M. Pedersen


Exploring the Legitimacy of Wheelchair Basketball as an NCAA Emerging Sport, Ben Larkin, Michael Cottingham, and Joshua Pate


Sport Website Interactivity Effects: An Analysis of the Relationships between Interactivity, Attitudes, and Intentions to Revisit, Young Ik Suh, Taesoo Ahn, and Paul M. Pedersen

Submissions from 2013

Sport Fans and Their Teams' Redesigned Logos: An Examination of the Moderating Effect of Team Identification on Attitude and Purchase Intention of Team-Logoed Merchandise, Taesoo Ahn, Young Ik Suh, Jin Kyun Lee, and Paul M. Pedersen

Comparisons of Gender and Team Identification on Web Motivations and Web Characteristics in the Official Athletic Website: Uses and Gratifications Perspectives, Young Ik Suh, Taesoo Ahn, and Andrea N. Eagleman

Examining the Effects of Team Identification, E-Service Quality (e-SQ) and Satisfaction on Intention to Revisit Sport Websites, Young Ik Suh, Taesoo Ahn, and Paul M. Pedersen