Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2022

Degree Type

Capstone - Open Access


Melissa Nemon


Lawrence, Massachusetts is home to a vibrant creative community. The work of artists and art- based organizations has a positive impact within the city. Municipal support in the form of a City Arts Planner or Arts and Culture Department can deepen the reach and impact of the work of these creatives, establish sustainable systems of support, and yield both social and economic benefits. This project is a case for municipal support of the arts in Lawrence. The case for municipal support was presented as a proof of concept to three interviewees, all of whom have ties to Lawrence, and experience with public art initiatives and community development. Their feedback included support for the initiative, positive responses to the use of examples and case studies, acknowledgement of the importance of the impact of a creative economy, a desire to make the research more Lawrence-specific, and an appreciation for the broad reach, depth, and work of the creative community in Lawrence. Future development of this project may include strengthening the examples used and engaging the broader nonprofit and small business community as partners.