Date of Award

Spring 2022

Degree Type

Capstone - Open Access

First Advisor

Melissa Nemon


Mature adults are reimagining retirement, seeking encore careers filled with passion and mission. Simultaneously, nonprofits are struggling to attract and retain talent while battling large scale social issues. Our country faces a social justice opportunity to make positive change in our communities by guiding encore career individuals into the social sector. This capstone project creates a toolkit filled with skills and assessments to uncover transferable skills individuals can utilize in their next career. The toolkit was created on a Google Me platform and reviewed by five human resource professionals to assess its utility when mapping an individual's next chapter. The interviewees gave feedback that was categorized into positive comments, concerns, opportunities for enhancement and avenues for implementation. This feedback led to ideas for maximizing the toolkit utility for mature talent. This project highlights the social justice issues of talent deficiency in the social sector and how these encore career individuals may provide an answer to this talent gap. Further studies should take this toolkit into the community to garner insights from those it's designed to help. Further study must also look at how to educate human resource professionals to unlock skills and gifts from this untapped encore career talent pool.