Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2022

Degree Type

Capstone - Open Access


Melissa Nemon


The contributions made by college students as volunteer mentors are incredibly valuable in building our communities; and it is equally valuable to recognize the outcomes experienced by college students through such experiences. This experience positions college student mentors as learners and leaders, and examination of such roles must consider such complexity. This paper examines the outcomes experienced by college student mentors through the nonprofit organization Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG). A mixed methods program evaluation was completed that utilized secondary data from SWSG to examine outcomes experienced by the college student program participants. The three key evaluation questions were: (1) Do mentors increase their sense of value of service and civic engagement?, (2) Do mentors develop professional and leadership skills that equip them for future careers?, and (3) Do mentors develop a critical lens to view and address social conditions that shape society? Through this evaluation, data supported positive outcomes experienced by college student mentors including acquisition of leadership skills and increased learning associated with developing a critical lens to address social issues. Future program evaluations should recognize the depth of the college student mentor experience and promote positive outcomes for these key mentoring program participants.