Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2024

Degree Type

Capstone - Open Access


Melissa Nemon


There is a large emphasis on keeping students engaged as they learn and grow and the importance of connecting them to opportunities that provide real world applications. Experiential education is an alternative pedagogy in which the student engages with the broader community and collaborates with the educator who guides them through the experience, observations, and reflection process. This capstone project was an online professional development workshop designed for new and experienced educators. It is centered on teaching youth and young adults the relevance, components, and impact of incorporating experiential learning as part of their education. The agenda offered support, research and resources on how to work with youth to help them explore and define their beliefs so they can frame their purpose as it relates to taking action towards transformative change in their communities and society at large. A mixed method research strategy was utilized through the workshop introductions and icebreakers, activities and debriefs, and post workshop evaluation surveys. The qualitative and quantitative responses from participants were analyzed as to what they got out of the workshop. Post workshop evaluation data resulted in a high level of interest in learning more about experiential education and the positive outcomes it produces within students' academic and personal lives to further engagement and success within their community. The implications of not pursuing more training on this topic could lead to less engaged learners and unempowered educators that do not see the societal and personal benefit of becoming engaged, activists of change within their communities.