Setting a Transformative Agenda for the Next Era: Research on Women's and Gender Centers

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Book Chapter - Merrimack Access Only


Brenda Bethman

Anitra Cottledge

Donna M. Bickford

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University and College Women's and Gender Equity Centers: The Changing Landscape



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New York

Abstract/ Summary

Women's and gender centers provide important spaces, and community, for becoming invested in a feminist identity, and practicing feminism by collaborating with others (Davie; Marine and Lewis). Given that the current political climate in the nation is fraught with hostility toward women of all identities, people of color of all genders, and those who are undocumented (Bouie; Conley; O’Connor and Marans), the necessity of such spaces in higher education is more urgent than ever. The energy emergent from WGCs, and the work they do to promote equity and empowerment, continues to foster change, both on the campus and in the world beyond. Given their long and illustrious history in higher education, WGCs and their work are a topic worthy of close examination through research.