Submissions from 2018

God on High: Religion, Cannabis, and the Quest for Legitimacy, Laurie Cozad

The City of God- Abridged Study Edition, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 2016


Anthropocene as Empire: An Augustinian Anthropology for "Keeping the Wild", Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 2014

City of God by Saint Augustine of Hippo, translated by William Babcock, Joseph T. Kelley

What Are They Saying About Augustine?, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 2012

The Almighty and the Dollar: Reflections on Economic Justice for All, Mark J. Allman and Catholic Church

Religion and the Body, David Cave and Rebecca Sachs Norris

Dancing Culture Religion, Sam Gill

Scandal:The Catholic Church and Public Life, Angela Senander

Submissions from 2011

Prayer, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 2010


Dynamic Diversity in a Catholic Augustinian College, Joseph T. Kelley

Five Models of Spiritual Direction in the Early Church by George E. Demacopoulos, Joseph T. Kelley

Saint Augustine of Hippo: Selections from Confessions and Other Essential Writings, Annotated & Explained Edition, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 2009


Catholic and Augustinian Heritage, Joseph T. Kelley and Gary N. McCloskey O.S.A.

Submissions from 2008

101 Questions & Answers on Prayer, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 2007


Abraham Heschel and the Catholic Heart, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 2006

101 Questions & Answers on the Four Last Things, Joseph T. Kelley


Theology for Citizenship: How a Catholic College in the Augustinian Tradition Prepares Citizens to Transform Society, Joseph T. Kelley

Spiritual Companions: Jews, Christians, and Interreligious Relations, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 2005

Examining the Structure and Role of Emotion: Contributions of Neurobiology to the Study of Embodied Religious Experience, Rebecca Sachs Norris

Submissions from 2003

Faith in Exile: Seeking Hope in Times of Doubt, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 2001


Augustinian Spirituality for the Intellectual Life, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 1999

Catholic Ambiguity or Sectarian Certainty?, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1998


Donning Masks and Joining the Dance: Religious Ritual and Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 1997

The Enduring Convenant: The Education of Christians and the End of Antisemitism, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1996

Keeping PACE: 25 Years of Theology, Education, and Ministry from PACE, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1995

Busy Life, Peaceful Center: A Book of Meditating, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1994

Five Group Dynamics in Team Ministry, Joseph T. Kelley

Serving Idols or Faithfulness: Will We Heed Marian Wright Edelman's Call?, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1993

The Way of Faithfulness: Contemplation and Formation in the Church, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1992

Work, Irony, and Contemplative Formation, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1990

Liberation Theology: Romantic Ideology? Teacher of Contempt?, Padraic O'Hare and Leon Klenicki

Submissions from 1986

Some Implications of Lonergan's View of Conversion for Pastoral Counseling, Joseph T. Kelley

Submissions from 1984

The Concrete, the Communal and the Contribution of Gabriel Moran, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1979

Tradition and Transformation in Religious Education, Padraic O'Hare

Submissions from 1978

Foundations of Religious Education, Padraic O'Hare