Date of Award

Spring 2018


Capstone - Open Access


Human Development & Human Services

First Advisor

Kathryn Nielsen


This intensive research endeavor is focused in the realm of education, specifically inclusion in classroom settings. This paper will be examining local teacher preparation programs by analyzing their requirements for diversity education and training. The overall purpose of this research project is to increase awareness of the disconnect between inclusion and diversity education, inspire others to want to do something to better serve the diverse populations in local school districts, and to begin discussion about changing diversity requirements in local teacher education programs. This paper will begin by defining and distinguishing inclusion and diversity education. Next the paper will provide a breakdown of diversity requirements of several postsecondary institutions with teacher education as well as the districts these schools are located in and near. Next, the paper will introduce trauma, its connections to the diverse populations analyzed, and its status in teacher preparation programs. Following this, the paper will then discuss the disconnect between the diversity in these districts and the diversity education in local teacher preparation programs. Finally, the paper will close with talking about the challenges new educators will face but speak of the opportunity there is to prevent this and suggest adding more diversity requirements to local teacher preparation programs.