Capturing the Evolution of Grammatical Knowledge in a CALL System for Deaf Learners of English

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Article - Open Access

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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

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The ICICLE project is a Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) environment geared toward teaching English as a second language. This paper reports on an initial prototype application of the system for deaf learners of written English. A primary focus of the ICICLE effort has been devoted to enabling the system to adapt to a learning user over the evolution of language proficiency. In this paper, we overview and motivate the design of our novel user modeling component that integrates Selinker’s Interlanguage theory and other research in Second Language Acquisition in order to accurately represent a learner’s internal grammar as it changes over time. The objectives of this effort are two-fold: to accurately diagnose and respond to learner errors, and to focus tutorial feedback on those errors which are most relevant to the learner’s acquisition process.