Submissions from 2017


Orchestrating the Nation: The Nineteenth-Century American Symphonic Enterprise by Douglas W. Shadle, Laura Moore Pruett


Porch and Playhouse, Parlor and Performance Hall: Traversing Boundaries in Gottschalk's The Banjo, Laura Moore Pruett

Trax on the Trail in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Classroom, Laura Moore Pruett and Anne F. Flaherty

Submissions from 2012


A Christmas Eve to Remember: William Henry Fry's "Santa Claus" Symphony, Laura Moore Pruett


“Mon triste voyage”: Sentimentality and Autobiography in Gottschalk's The Dying Poet, Laura Moore Pruett


The Foxes of Salisbury Beach, Deborah A. Venuti

Submissions from 2008

Pellegrinaggio in Italia: In search of Augustinian Community, James A. Wenzel O.S.A. and Kevin Salemme

Submissions from 2003

American Photographic Aesthetics in the Twentieth Century: The Five Paradoxes of Modernism, Kevin Salemme

Submissions from 1999


Photochemistry and Pinhole Photography: An Interdisciplinary Experiment, Angeliki A. Rigos and Kevin Salemme