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poster advertising The McQuade Library Presents The 14th Annual Tolle Lege Reception Tuesday February 7, 4:00pm, Writers House. Speakers include: Bryan Bannon, Philosophy, Sarah Benes, Health Science, Sirkwoo Jin, Management, Kerry Johnson, Vice Provost, Jim Kaklamanos, Civil Engineering, Zoe Sherman, Economics, Elaine Ward, Graduate Education. Image of seated, bearded, tonsured, haloed male figure in elaborate golden robes, holding a flaming heart in one hand and a quill pen in the other. His face is turned toward a ray of light coming from a glowing orb labeled VERITAS. There are open books at his feet, behind him on a stand, and on the table in front of him. Partially hidden by a drape are shelves filled with books with a crozier leaning in a corner.


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