Effect of Trust and Risk on Purchase Intentions in Online Secondary Ticketing: Sport Consumers and Ticket Reselling

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South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education & Recreation


Southern African Alliance for Sport Science, Physical Education and Recreation

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The current research focused on examining how perceived risk and trust are related to consumers’ purchase intentions within the online secondary ticket marketplace. Furthermore, this study attempted to identify the relationship between perceived risk and trust associated with online secondary ticketing. The Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) method with a convenience sample of 302 participants was employed to analyse the conceptual framework and psychometric property of the scale. The results indicate that trust significantly and negatively influenced perceived risk and trust exerts a significant impact on consumers’ purchase intentions of online secondary tickets. Consumers’ perceived risk had a direct negative effect on consumers’ online purchase intentions of secondary ticketing. However, the findings of the current study showed that the impact does not reach a significant level. These results and future implications for practical and theoretical research are also discussed.