The High School Sociology Teacher

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Teaching Sociology


American Sociological Association

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High school teachers of sociology have long been neglected by academic sociologists and the ASA. Recent developments are encouraging, however. In 2001, the ASA appointed a Task Force on the Advanced Placement Course for Sociology in High School, and Teaching Sociology has published three articles on high school sociology since that year. Still, there is a dire need for research on the characteristics and experiences of teachers themselves, and for empirically-based recommendations for assisting them. The current study uses questionnaire data to examine the personal and professional characteristics of the teachers who offered a sociology course in Connecticut public high schools during academic year 2000-01. The results indicate that teachers have little formal education in sociology, are not involved in the professional activities of the discipline, and have virtually no exposure to sociology outside of their own courses. The paper concludes with recommendations for future research and action.