Submissions from 2018


Report of the Committee on College and University Governance, 2017-18, Michael DeCesare


Academic Freedom and Tenure: St. Edward’s University (Texas), Michael DeCesare, Allison Buskirk-Cohen, and Mark Criley


Race, Legal Cynicism, and the Machine Politics of Drug Law Enforcement in Chicago, John Hagan, Bill McCarthy, and Daniel Herda


Dual-Process Theory of Racial Isolation, Legal Cynicism, and Reported Crime, John Hagan, Bill McCarthy, Daniel Herda, and Andrea Cann Chandrasekher


Comparing Ignorance: Imagined Immigration and the Exclusion of Migrants in the US and Western Europe, Daniel Herda

Reactive Ethnicity and Anticipated Discrimination among American Muslims in Southeastern Michigan, Daniel Herda

"To Hell with Them All!": Percieved Discrimination, Interracial Contact, and Racial Attitudes, Daniel Herda


No Experience Required: Violent Crime and Anticipated, Vicarious, and Experienced Racial Discrimination, Daniel Herda and Bill McCarthy

Submissions from 2017


Academic Governance (and Protest) at Fordham, Michael DeCesare


AP: Iowa Regents “Secretly Recruited” Bruce Harreld, Michael DeCesare


Governance Violations + Financial Failure + Layoffs = Presidential Bonus, Michael DeCesare


New Academe Calls on Faculty to Reclaim Governance Role, Michael DeCesare


Reaffirming the Principles of Academic Government, Michael DeCesare


Correcting Misperceptions: An In-class Exercise for Reducing Population Innumeracy Using Student Response Systems and a Test of Its Effectiveness, Daniel Herda

Submissions from 2016


“Change is Here to Stay” at Union County College, Michael DeCesare


How ‘Dr Death’ Single-Handedly Fought for the Right to Die, Michael DeCesare

Report of the Committee on College and University Governance, 2015-16, Michael DeCesare


The Global Right Wing and the Clash of World Politics, Michael DeCesare


The Purposeful Graduate: Why Colleges Must Talk to Students about Vocation, Michael DeCesare

Academic Freedom and Tenure: The College of Saint Rose (New York), Michael DeCesare and Irene T. Mulvey

College and University Governance: The University of Iowa Governing Board’s Selection of a President, Matthew W. Finkin and Michael DeCesare


The Specter of Discrimination: Fear of Interpersonal Racial Discrimination among Adolescents in Chicago, Daniel Herda

Submissions from 2015

Death on Demand: Jack Kevorkian and the Right-to-Die Movement, Michael DeCesare


Faculty Layoffs at The College of Saint Rose, Michael DeCesare


New Leadership Academy: Shared Governance Makes Change "Problematic", Michael DeCesare


So You Want to be an Administrator..., Michael DeCesare


Steps Toward Making Censure History at MD Anderson?, Michael DeCesare

Innumeracy in Turkey: Misperceptions of an Emerging Immigrant Population, Daniel Herda

Submissions from 2014

Questions Upon a Quinquagenary: Assessing the Pedagogical Importance of Peter Berger’s Invitation to Sociology, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2013


Toward an Interpretive Approach to Social Movement Leadership, Michael DeCesare


Too Many Immigrants?: Examining Alternative Forms of Immigrant Population Innumeracy, Daniel Herda

Beyond Good Grades: Immigrant Integration in U.S. Schools through Participation in Extracurricular Activities, Dina G. Okamoto, Daniel Herda, and Cassie Hartzog

Submissions from 2012


Business Experience as Academic Qualification? Oh, Really?, Michael DeCesare


David Levy’s Faulty Attack on Professors, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2011

New Directions in Sociology : Essays on Theory and Methodology in the 21st Century, Ieva Zake and Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2010

How Many Immigrants? Foreign Born Population Innumeracy in Europe, Daniel Herda

Best Friends Forever? Race and the Stability of Adolescent Friendships, Jesse Rude and Daniel Herda

Submissions from 2009


Casting a Critical Glance at Teaching “Critical Thinking”, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2008

Sociology in U.S. High Schools, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2007

A Discipline Divided: Sociology in American High Schools, Michael DeCesare

A Textbook Approach to Teaching: Structural Uniformity among American High School Sociology Courses, Michael DeCesare

"Statistics Anxiety" Among Sociology Majors: A First Diagnosis and Some Treatment Options, Michael DeCesare


College Students’ Perceptions of Their "Best" and "Worst" Courses and Instructors, Debra S. Emmelman and Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2006

"It's Not Rocket Science!": High School Sociology Teachers' Conceptions of Sociology, Michael DeCesare


What Determines Whether Sociology is Taught in High School?, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2005

95 Years of Teaching High School Sociology, Michael DeCesare

The High School Sociology Teacher, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2004

"Apathetic, Active, or Antagonistic": A History of the American Sociological Association's Involvement in High School Sociology, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2003

The Impact of Sociological Orientation on Pedagogy: A Reconsideration of Teacher Training in Sociology Ph.D. Departments, Michael DeCesare

Submissions from 2002

The Lesson to Be Learned: The Past Troubles and Future Promise of Teaching High School Sociology, Michael DeCesare