Time as a Legitimator of the Cause: Temporal Implications for Research in Business Administration

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Revista Alcance

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This article discusses the importance of time in research on business administration, and how the consideration of temporal effects can bring new research approaches. The central idea of the article is that time legitimates the cause, and that an understanding of time over the cause legitimates the strategy. Causal studies in business administration are more easily absorbed by the corporate sphere, as they serve as reference for the process of business decision-making. Based on evidence found in a bibliometric research of studies of temporal effects in Brazil, it is suggested that researchers pay attention to temporal effects in the theoretical discussion of the mechanisms of the effects analyzed. Thus, it is hoped that this article will further understanding of the importance of time in research in business administration, and that it will service to motivate studies that seek to understand the administrative phenomena from a different perspective; that of temporal effects.