Submissions from 2017


Assessing the Intangible in Our Students, Raymond J. Shaw

Submissions from 2014

Freud and Augustine in Dialogue: Psychoanalysis, Mysticism, and the Culture of Modern Spirituality by William D. Parsons, Raymond J. Shaw

Submissions from 2013


Augustine's Extraordinary Theory of Memory, Raymond J. Shaw

Submissions from 2009


Fear Factors: Hidden Challenges to Online Learning for Adults, Patricia Sendall, Raymond J. Shaw, Kim Round, and Jane T. Larkin

Submissions from 2002

Age-Related Equivalence and Deficit in Knowledge Updating of Cue Effectiveness, Greg Matvey, John Dunlosky, Raymond J. Shaw, Colleen Parks, and Christopher Hertzog

Submissions from 2000

Adult Age Differences in Vocabulary Acquisition, Lisa Laumann Long and Raymond J. Shaw

Attention and Aging: A Functional Perspective, Joan C. McDowd and Raymond J. Shaw

Submissions from 1998

Age Differences in Context Integration in Memory, Anderson D. Smith, Julie L.K. Earles, Denise C. Park, Raymond J. Shaw, and Wythe L. Whiting IV

Submissions from 1997


Unprimed Stem Completion is Only Moderately Predicted by Word Frequency and Length, Raymond J. Shaw

Submissions from 1992

Effect of Environmental Support on Implicit and Explicit Memory in Younger and Older Adults, Denise C. Park and Raymond J. Shaw

Submissions from 1991

Effects of Adult Age on Structural and Operational Capacities in Working Memory, Timothy A. Salthouse, Renée L. Babcock, and Raymond J. Shaw

Age-Related Increases in the Effects of Automatic Semantic Activation, Raymond J. Shaw

Submissions from 1989

Age Differences in Predictions and Performance on a Cued Recall Task, Raymond J. Shaw and Fergus I.M. Craik

Submissions from 1986

Aging and the Priming of Newly-Learned Associations, Darlene V. Howard, Jane G. Heisey, and Raymond J. Shaw