Globalization and Democracy in the Developing Nations

Document Type

Article - Open Access

Publication Title

Political Chronicle


Florida Political Science Association

Publication Date

Spring 2000

Abstract/ Summary

This is a crossnational empirical study of the relationship between globalization and democracy with democracy being measured as the degree of political rights and civil liberties. A longitudinal design was used to assess the effects of globalization on democratization in the developing countries. The results found in this study are mixed. First, there is no significant relationship between free trade and democracy. Second, the multiple correlation results show that there is no significant relationship between inflow of foreign capital (the prime mover of globalization) and democracy either. Yet, freedom to engage in capital transactions with foreigners has a strong association with political freedom. The study indicates that the path to democracy today, as in the past, is mainly shaped by many factors. Globalization alone is not a sufficient condition to bring about democracy in the Third World. The key to successful transition to democracy lies in domestic politics and policies.