Submissions from 2017

States, American Indian Nations, and Intergovernmental Politics: Sovereignty, Conflict, and the Uncertainty of Taxes, Anne F. Boxberger Flaherty

China’s Rise in Latin America: Myths and Realities, He Li

Chinese Discourse on Constitutionalism and Its Impact on Reforms, He Li

The China Triangle: Latin America's China Boom and the Fate of the Washington Consensus, by Kevin P. Gallagher, He Li

Trax on the Trail in the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Classroom, Laura Moore Pruett and Anne F. Flaherty

Submissions from 2016


Indigenous Land Rights and Self-Determination in Botswana, Anne F. Flaherty

Democratic Transitions: Modes and Outcomes by Sujian Guo and Gary Stradiotto, He Li


Leading Schools of Thought in Contemporary China by Licheng Ma, translated by Jing L. Liu, He Li

Submissions from 2015

Jiang Qing, edited by Daniel A. Bell & Ruiping Fan: A Confucian Constitutional Order: How China’s Ancient Past Can Shape Its Political Future, He Li

Political Thought and China's Transformation: Ideas Shaping Reform in the Post-Mao China, He Li


The Chinese Model of Development and Its Implications, He Li

Submissions from 2014

Chinese Intellectual Discourse on Democracy, He Li

Submissions from 2010

Debating China’s Economic Reform: New Leftists vs. Liberals, He Li

Submissions from 2009

China’s Expansion into the Western Hemisphere: Implications for Latin America and the United States by Riordan Roett and Guadalupe Paz (Eds.), He Li

Submissions from 2008

Conservative Thought in Contemporary China by Peter Moody, He Li

Submissions from 2006

Emergence of the Chinese Middle Class and Its Implications, He Li

Returned Students and Political Change in China, He Li

Submissions from 2005

Rivalry between Taiwan and the PRC in Latin America, He Li

The Chinese Path of Economic Reform and Its Implications, He Li

Submissions from 2004

From Revolution to Reform: A Comparative Study of China and Mexico, He Li

Submissions from 2003

Middle Class: Friends or Foes to Beijing’s New Leadership, He Li

Submissions from 2002

The Role of Think Tanks in Chinese Foreign Policy, He Li

Submissions from 2000


Globalization and Democracy in the Developing Nations, He Li

Political Economy of Income Distribution: A Comparative Study of Taiwan and Mexico, He Li

Submissions from 1998

Economic Diplomacy: Chinese Policy Toward Latin America, He Li

Submissions from 1997

Awakening China: Politics, Culture, and Class in the Nationalist Revolution by John Fitzgerald, He Li

Calamity and Reform in China: State, Rural Society, and Institutional Change since the Great Leap Famine by Dali L. Yang, He Li

Submissions from 1991

Sino-Latin American Economic Relations, He Li