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Conference on Applied Information Systems Research (CONISAR). Nashville, TN.

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Online social networking (SN) has gained enormous popularity in the last ten years with users numbering in the millions. There are an equal number of males and females who use social networking and there is no difference in ethnicity; Caucasians, African-American and Hispanic adults are equally likely to use these sites. This paper studies social networking behavior using Rogers (1995) model of human behavior known as Diffusion of Innovation (DI). Specifically, findings reveal that behavioral compatibility (COMP) with social networking, relative advantage (RA), complexity (CMPX) and ease of trying (TRY) are positively associated with intention to use social networking. In addition, findings confirm that intention influences use of social networking. A review of gender shows little difference between diffusion influences on intention. The modified DI model provides a good fit with the overall data and can be used to predict and understand the usage of social networking.