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Conference on Applied Information Systems Research (CONISAR). New Orleans, LA

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This manuscript provides a comprehensive review of the many potential variables associated with the use of technology and tests their applicability to social networking. Variables were included from a variety of well accepted theories including Theory of Reasoned Action, Diffusion of Innovation, Theory of Planned Behavior, Technology Acceptance Model and End User Computer Satisfaction. Prior studies have explored variables and factors that influence social networking intention and behavior. This study is an extension of prior studies that separately reviewed emotions associated with social networking behavior and intention as well as applying the TRA model and the Diffusion of Innovation theory model to behavioral intention. This study is unique in that it does not review the intention or usage of the technology but rather explores the frequency of use and the amount of time spent using the technology. In addition, it is a comprehensive look at variables from a number of important behavioral theories as well as emotions. As a result, we can explore a comprehensive review of many variables effect on the relative importance of the technology and its time and frequency penetration on the part of users rather than just a generic variable measuring agreement with an intention to use and actual use.

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