Date of Award

Spring 2019


Capstone - Open Access


Health and Wellness Management

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

First Advisor

Cynthia Ferrara


INRODUCTION: The mindful McQuade Initiative was created to bring mindful practices to Merrimack students, faculty, and staff One of the many activities the library offers as part of the Mindful McQuade Initiative is use of exercise bikes as study breaks. The purpose of this study is to examine the barriers to using the “Mindful McQuade” bikes in the McQuade library. METHODS: We recruited Merrimack students, faculty and staff to complete the study survey. Study investigators handed out flyers with details about the study and how to access the online survey as well as flyers posted to at a variety of campus locations and posted on social media websites associated with the Merrimack community. RESULTS: Ninety-five people completed the survey. Most people had not heard of The Mindful McQuade Initiative. Seventy-one percent of respondents had not participated in any activities related to Mindful McQuade. Most respondents were not aware of the bikes and/or did not want to exercise in the library Many of the respondents had some good suggestions related to promotion ideas for the Mindful McQuade Initiative. DISCUSSION: The results of this study will help the Mindful McQuade group to identify the key issues that can be addressed to improve community engagement in the “Mindful McQuade Initiative. Additional studies will be important to examine how initiatives like Mindful Merrimack may benefit the health of the community. CONCLUSION: This study showed that there is more promotion needed as in emails. Flyers, signs and social media so more of the Merrimack community is aware of the bikes and all aspects of the Mindful McQuade Initiative. There is also a need for more education to learn how to use the bikes and what they are there for.