Date of Award

Spring 2017

First Advisor

Anthony Roselli


This independent research endeavor is focused on gathering information of, and further analyzing, content covered in the course “Language Acquisition and Literacy Development” (EDU 4500) available at Merrimack College. This specialized course from the education program focuses on studying theory and practice of Linguistics, its history, its development in children, and the ramifications of integrating it, as well as its deviations, into Education. This paper is intended to define certain material from the course as well as further analyze them and their roles in the field of Education. The introduction will consist of a basic summation of the content to this informational and research report. Following the introduction will be the rest of the paper, including the definitions, distinctions, and history of the five elements of language, Speech, Language, and Communication, the variations from their typical development, and the importance of them in schooling (specifically planning, instruction, and differentiation). The final portion of this paper discusses a personal fieldwork endeavor by the author of this report, describing their findings and its connections to the overarching topic. Overall, the purpose to this report is to better inform educators and other stakeholders of the knowledge (of human development, including linguistic and other areas) needed to be adequately prepared to instruct and assist various students (typically and atypically developing) found in every classroom.