Date of Award

Spring 2021


Capstone - Open Access



First Advisor

Lauri Kurdziel


My research examines the relationship between neuroscience and music, exploring its clinical applications. I extensively review the specific neuroanatomic structures implicated in musical perception. Knowing the function of each brain structure as it relates to musical perception provides insight as to how music is able to elicit certain physical and emotional responses. As music interacts with the human brain, it is also able to provide social, cognitive, and emotional benefits. Given these benefits, my research argues that music is an effective therapeutic intervention for vulnerable populations. I examine the impact of music therapy on preterm infants, hearing impaired individuals, intellectually disabled individuals, and Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s Disease patients. My research also proposes that continuous musical exposure throughout the lifespan may prevent the acquisition of neurodegenerative disorders later in life. As the literature generally appears to support this proposition, I ultimately urge for an increased emphasis on music-based education programs.