Date of Award

Spring 2021


Capstone - Open Access

First Advisor

Mark Cordano


Throughout this research paper, VF Corporation's (VFC) financials will be analyzed and compared among its competitors through its strategic group and industry benchmark. A deep understanding of VFC's history will be seen through its failures and success independently and in comparison, to its competitors. VFC has grown significantly from its initial creation and has pushed through hardships including the recent Covid-19 pandemic. They continue to grow and advance in the modern world of business adapting to the fast-paced environment. VFC adapted quickly with the start of Covid-19 and created a great online presence for themselves. They are one of the many companies in apparel accessories and outdoor equipment. They are not a well known brand, but I believe they have the ability to become established in the industry. The company has a chance to be able to stay afloat with its more known direct competitor Nike if they continue their strengths and fix their weakness that are outlined throughout this piece.

Included in

Business Commons