Date of Award

Spring 2018


Capstone - Open Access


Business, Minor in Pre-Law

First Advisor

Harry Wessel


In an attempt to further understand the inner workings and beliefs held by the majority of my own generation located in the geographic scope of the United States of America, this report will be a conduction of research to further examine the overall beliefs and ideologies of the generation in the United States that older generations, such as Generation X and Baby Boomers, stereotypically view as “the problem” with the country’s political landscape. This report will seek to explain the reasoning behind the ideologies and beliefs of millennials, those Americans born between 1980 and 2000 (, and what particular world events, if any, result in the beliefs in question. It is fair to say that millennials are at a conflicting turning point politically in the United States, with heated political topics including the Trump Administration and Gun Control, a presentation of political confliction is prevalent in the United States, especially with younger voters. This report will thoroughly cover a prediction of findings, a comprehensive presentation of the findings in question, world events that affect the findings, overall voting trends of millennials, comparison of the findings to the predictions, and a concluding statement.