Date of Award

Spring 2017


Capstone - Open Access


Business Administration: Marketing and International Business (BB) | Business Administration: Marketing & English (MC)

First Advisor

Maria Sannella


In a data-driven world, it is becoming easier than ever for businesses to gain more and more information about their customers and use that to their advantage. This data, gathered from previous business dealings, social media, inbound marketing and click data can be utilized to provide goods and services that are more accurately tailored to the specific consumer, and to provide successful customer service. However, there must be a customer relationship management (CRM) system in place to retain, sort, analyze and pull up information. This can be done using expensive software, which is what large and medium-sized corporations may do, but smaller businesses may struggle to find a system that works for them. This may mean a small business has multiple databases in which customer data is stored, and those are not integrated. We would like to research further into previous works about utilizing CRM, specifically in small businesses.