Increasing Asian International College Students’ Physical Activity Behavior: A Review of the Youth Physical Activity Promotion Model

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Article - Open Access

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Health Educator


Eta Sigma Gamma

Publication Date

Spring 2013

Abstract/ Summary

Asian students attending American colleges and universities report relatively low levels of physical activity participation, which may hinder their ability to realize their full human potential (i.e., cognitively, physically, socially). This paper reviewed the possible reasons underlying their generally inactive lifestyle, addressed the importance of promoting physical activity among Asian international students, and summarized key factors associated with their physical activity involvement on the basis of Welk’s (1999) Youth Physical Activity Promotion (YPAP) model. Understanding the individual and contextual factors that influence the physical activity behavior of this fast growing segment of the student population within the American higher education system is an important step in order to ultimately design and implement efficacious physical activity programs for them.