Numerical Analysis of GaAs Epitaxial-Layer Schottky Diodes

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IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices

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A computer simulation of GaAs epitaxial-layer Schottky-barrier diodes has been carried out. The present work extends previous drift-diffusion equation (DDE) Schottky-barrier diode simulations to very thin epilayers of GaAs as well as to higher forward bias voltages. Diodes having epitaxial layers of 0.12 and 1.0 µm were modeled with an emphasis on comparison with experiment. To achieve better agreement with experimental data an interfacial layer was included in the model, resulting in a voltage-dependent barrier height. The bias voltage at which the I-V characteristic becomes strongly nonideal is predicted to depend more on the potential drop across the interfacial layer than on the series resistances present in the devices studied. The separate contributions of the dynamic resistance of the junction and of the series resistances of the epitaxial and bulk regions to the total resistance were examined for forward biases up to 1.1 V.