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ASEE NE 2016 Conference

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During the course of this interdisciplinary effort, members of the Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science (CS) departments collaborated on energy related curricular efforts. Initially work was carried out to develop and utilize an inexpensive, open-source system for measuring, storing, and displaying energy related data from across campus. Hardware and software components chosen were open source or free for educational use. A low power Linux server was utilized. The LAN-enabled Arduinos included sensors to measure energy related quantities such as power and temperature. EE and CS students were engaged in various aspects of the project – EE students focused on the hardware, CS students focused on the programming. EE junior students worked with clients to implement real world measurement and display solutions. A CS student project focused on developing a JavaScript-based web page that visualizes sensor data by leveraging CanvasJS and JQuery packages. This web page development project will continue in spring 2016 as the work is significantly incorporated into the CS department’s Software Engineering and Information Technology Systems classes. Most recently, EE junior projects (fall 2015) emphasized collaborations across a wide variety of disciplines: projects include wetland environmental factors (Biology), greenhouse environmental factors (Biology), pump energy usage (ME), weather monitoring (Physics), and classroom temperature monitoring (Facilities).