Submissions from 2016


Incorporating Energy Related Concepts into EE and CS Laboratory Work and Coursework, Jack Adams and Christopher S. Stuetzle

Submissions from 2010


Renewable Energy Education at Merrimack College, Jack Adams

Submissions from 2004

Importance of Addressing National Electrical Code® Violations that Result in Unusual Exposure to 60 Hz Magnetic Fields, Jack Adams, J. Samuel Bitler, and Karl Riley

Managing Potential Health Risks from Electric Powerlines: A Decision Analysis Caught in Controversy, Detlof Von Winterfeldt, Thomas Eppel, Jack Adams, Raymond Neutra, and Vincent DelPizzo

Submissions from 2001


Appendix B: Details of the Exposure Calculation Program, Jack Adams


Appendix C: Cost Calculations, Jack Adams


Exposure Calculations, Jack Adams

Submissions from 1995

A Method for Evaluating Transmission Line Magnetic Field Mitigation Strategies That Incorporates Biological Uncertainty, Jack Adams, Jun Zhang, M. Granger Morgan, and Indira Nair

Submissions from 1994

Monte Carlo Simulation of Noise in GaAs Semiconductor Devices, Jack Adams, Ting-Wei Tang, and L.E. Kay


Preferences for Exposure Control of Power-Frequency Fields Among Lay Opinion Leaders, Ann Bostrom, M. Granger Morgan, Jack Adams, and Indira Nair

Submissions from 1992

Monte Carlo Simulation of Noise in GaAs at Electric Fields up to the Critical Field, Jack Adams and Ting-Wei Tang

Submissions from 1989

Computer Simulation of Boundary Condition for Schottky Barrier Diodes, Ting-Wei Tang and Jack Adams

Submissions from 1987

Numerical Analysis of GaAs Epitaxial-Layer Schottky Diodes, Jack Adams, A. Jalenski, D.H. Navon, and Ting-Wei Tang