Storm Water Management as a Public Good Provision Problem: Survey to Understand Perspectives of Low-Impact Development for Urban Storm Water Management Practices under Climate Change

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Journal of Water Resources Planning & Management


American Society of Civil Engineers

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Managing urban storm water is challenging under the best of situations, and due to projected increases in intensity of rainfall events, is exacerbated by climate change. Institutional and individual aspects of urban storm water management and the implications for low-impact development (LID) are presented. The paper frames storm water as a public good provision issue in order to build on existing knowledge about that kind of social dilemma. This topic is then examined in more detail through stakeholder interviews conducted in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States. Interviews were completed at a variety of management levels, from household to regional planning level, and are related back to the theory of public good provision. Finally, synthesis of theory and practice results in specific recommendations for urban storm water management, based on revising the storm water institutional framework, showcasing redevelopment opportunities, and facilitating education and awareness through local NGOs.