The Islands of Winnipesaukee


The Islands of Winnipesaukee


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The Islands of Winnipesaukee


According to many sources, New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee has been a tourist destination for more than a century, and the Town of Wolfeboro became the "Oldest Summer Resort in America" when Colonial Governor John Wentworth established a summer home there in 1770.

The Native American name Winnipesaukee means either "Smile of the Great Spirit" or "Beautiful water in a high place", depending on whose translation you use.

Islands are places of discovery, mystery, isolation and adventure. There is also a certain dreaminess and romance to the idea of traveling to and living on an island. Think of the many movies that featured island life: Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, Treasure Island, Blue Lagoon, and Cast Away to name a few.

Bizer Corporation, one of the premier makers of boating charts for Lake Winnipesaukee, has a list of 253 islands on the lake, and old wives tales claim there are 365 islands, one for every day of the year. In The Islands of Winnipesaukee, the authors document their kayaking adventures to all of the islands on the lake, with more than 275 beautiful, full-color photographs and remembrances.



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Acclaim Press


Sikeston, MO


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The Islands of Winnipesaukee