Submissions from 2018


A Conserved Role of the Unconventional Myosin 1d in Laterality Determination, Melanie Tingler, Sabrina Kurz, Markus Maerker, Tim Ott, Franziska Fuhl, Axel Schweickert, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, Stéphane Noselli, and Martin Blum

Submissions from 2017


Complete Genome Sequences of Cluster A Mycobacteriophages BobSwaget, Fred313, KADY, Lokk, MyraDee, Stagni, and StepMih, Kristen A. Butela, Susan M. R. Gurney, Heather L. Hendrickson, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, Anastasia M. Zimmerman, Stephanie B. Conant, Nikki E. Freed, Olin K. Silander, Joshua J. Thomson, Charlotte A. Berkes, Cristina Bertolez, Courtney G. Davies, Amber Elinsky, Alison J. Hanlon, Juliette Nersesyan, Payal Patel, John Sherwood, Tiffany Tieu Ngo, Kathryn A. Wisniewski, Kathrine Yacoo, Paul M. Arendse, Nathan W. Bowlen, Jasmina Cunmulaj, Julie L. Downs, Charlee A. Ferrenberg, Alexandra E. Gassman, Cody E. R. Gilligan, Emily Gorkiewicz, Christopher Harness, Anthony Huffman, Christina Jones, Anna Julien, Alexis E. Kupic, Sayonara F. Latu, Thomas J. Manning, Danielle Maxwell, Merrimack College SEA-PHAGES Annotators 2016, Catherine E. Meyer, Madeleine Reardon, Matthew Slaughter, Royce Swasey, Rebecca I. Tennent, Victoria Torres, Tamia Waller, Rachel M. Worcester, Brooke L. Yost, Steven G. Cresawn, Rebecca A. Garlena, Deborah Jacobs-Sera, Welkin H. Pope, Daniel A. Russell, Graham F. Hatfull, and Jacob D. Kagey

Submissions from 2015


Investigation of Macrophage Differentiation and Cytokine Production in an Undergraduate Immunology Laboratory, Charlotte A. Berkes and Leo Li-Ying Chan

Fighting Tuberculosis in an Undergraduate Laboratory: Synthesizing, Evaluating and Analyzing Inhibitors, David Daniels, Charlotte A. Berkes, Arjan Nekoie, and Jimmy Franco

Macrophage Cell Death and Transcriptional Response are Actively Triggered by the Fungal Virulence Factor Cbp1 During H. capsulatum Infection, Dervla T. Isaac, Charlotte A. Berkes, Bevin C. English, Davina Hocking Murray, Young Nam Lee, Alison Coady, and Anita Sil


Treatment Strategies that Enhance the Efficacy and Selectivity of Mitochondria-Targeted Anticancer Agents, Josephine S. Modica-Napolitano and Volkmar Weissig

Submissions from 2013


Use of Image Cytometry for Quantification of Pathogenic Fungi in Association with Host Cells, Charlotte A. Berkes, Leo Li-Ying Chan, Alisha Wilkinson, and Benjamin Paradis

A Structural Comparative Approach to Identifying Novel Antimalarial Inhibitors, Jimmy Franco, Margaret A.L. Blackie, David Toth, Peter J. Smith, Joseph Capuano, Kurt Fastnacht, and Charlotte A. Berkes


Attacking HIV, Tuberculosis and Histoplasmosis with XSEDE Resources, Jimmy Franco, David Toth, and Charlotte A. Berkes

Submissions from 2012

Rapid Quantification of Pathogenic Fungi by Cellometer Image-Based Cytometry, Charlotte A. Berkes, Leo Li-Ying Chan, Alisha Wilkinson, and Benjamin Paradis

Novel Image Cytometric Method for detection of Physiological and Metabolic Changes in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Leo Li-Ying Chan, Alexandria Kury, Alisha Wilkinson, Charlotte A. Berkes, and Alnoor Pirani

Submissions from 2010


Conidia but Not Yeast Cells of the Fungal Pathogen Histoplasma capsulatum Trigger a Type I Interferon Innate Immune Response in Murine Macrophages, Diane O. Inglis, Charlotte A. Berkes, Davina R. Hocking Murray, and Anita Sil

Submissions from 2009


Developmental Expression of Xenopus myosin 1d and Identification of a myo1d Tail Homology that Overlaps TH1, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, Anna Sokac, William Bement, Pablo Sobrado, and Laura Lemoine

Submissions from 2006


Global and Gene‐Specific Analyses Show Distinct Roles for Myod and Myog at a Common Set of Promoters, Yi Cao, Roshan M. Kumar, Bennett H. Penn, Charlotte A. Berkes, Charles Kooperberg, Laurie A. Boyer, Richard A. Young, and Stephen A. Tapscott


The Lift Pool Method for Isolation of cDNA Clones from Lambda Phage Libraries, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, Pablo Sobrado, Sharon Betz, Julie Zerfas, and Karen Morgan


MyoD Synergizes with the E-protein HEB Beta to Induce Myogenic Differentiation, Maura H. Parker, Robert L.S. Perry, Melanie C. Fauteux, Charlotte A. Berkes, and Michael A. Rudnicki

Submissions from 2005

MyoD and the Transcriptional Control of Myogenesis, Charlotte A. Berkes and Stephen J. Tapscott


MyoD Targets Chromatin Remodeling Complexes to the Myogenin Locus Prior to Forming a Stable DNA-Bound Complex, Ivana L. de la Serna, Yasuyuki Ohkawa, Charlotte A. Berkes, Donald A. Bergstrom, Caroline S. Dacwag, Stephen J. Tapscott, and Anthony N. Imbalzano

Submissions from 2004


Pbx Marks Genes for Activation by MyoD Indicating a Role for a Homeodomain Protein in Establishing Myogenic Potential, Charlotte A. Berkes, Donald A. Bergstrom, Bennett H. Penn, Karen J. Seaver, Paul S. Knoepfler, and Stephen J. Tapscott

Submissions from 2001


How to MEK Muscle, Bennett H. Penn, Charlotte A. Berkes, Donald A. Bergstrom, and Stephen J. Tapscott

Submissions from 1999


Role of Myosin II Tail Sequences in its Function and Localization at the Cleavage Furrow in Dictyostelium, Shi Shu, Randall J. Lee, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, and Taro Q.P. Uyeda

Submissions from 1998


Multiple Members of a Third Subfamily of P-Type ATPases Identified by Genomic Sequences and ESTs, Margaret S. Halleck, Deepti Pradhan, Christie Blackman, Charlotte A. Berkes, Partrick Williamson, and Robert A. Schlegel

Submissions from 1997

Mutations in Human TBX5 Cause Limb and Cardiac Malformation in Holt-Oram Syndrome, Craig T. Basson, David R. Bachinsky, Robert C. Lin, Tatjana Levi, Jacob A. Elkins, Johanna Soults, David Grayzel, Elena Kroumpouzou, Thomas A. Traill, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, Beatrice Renault, Raju Kucherlapati, J.G. Seidman, and Christine E. Seidman

Submissions from 1996

Assignment of the Human Myogenic Factors 5 and 6 (MYF5, MYF6) Gene Cluster to 12q21 by in Situ Hybridization and Physical Mapping of the Locus Between D12S350 and D12S106, L. Cupelli, B. Renault, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, A. Banks, D. Ward, R.S. Kucherlapati, and K. Krauter

CONTIG EXPLORER: Interactive Marker-Content Map Assembly, Prakash M. Nadkarni, Amy Banks, Kate Montogmery, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, Perry Miller, and Kenneth Krauter

Submissions from 1994


Mutations in the Non-Helical Linker Segment L1-2 of Keratin 5 in Patients with Weber-Cockayne Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex, Yiu-mo Chan, Qian-Chun Yu, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski, Angela Christiano, Lena Pulkkinen, Raju S. Kucherlapati, Jouni Uitto, and Elaine Fuchs

Submissions from 1991

The Diversity of Myosin-Based Contractile Systems in Eukaryotic Cells, Janine M. LeBlanc-Straceski and Leslie A. Leinwand