We have observed four open star clusters and three globular star clusters using Mendel Observatory’s 18” Richey-Chrétien telescope. Our photometry data was obtained using nonstandard R, G, and B filters. We plotted the results in the form of a Hertzsprung-Russell (H-R) diagram in an attempt to determine the so called “turn-off point” for the observed clusters, which is a strong indicator of age. Due to our limited sample size of stars in each cluster, we were not able to determine the turn-off points and obtain relative ages for the clusters. However, we find that the shapes of our H-R diagrams at fainter magnitudes are consistent with that from other studies [4], despite our much smaller sample size. This project demonstrates for the first time that the Mendel Observatory is capable of obtaining scientifically relevant photometry data [3], specifically of faint stars with a magnitude of 14.65. The methods and techniques we learned from this study will be applied to future related projects involving students and faculty.

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